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Shared Parking Space System Scheme

In recent years, with the development of society and economy, the national policy clearly proposes to vigorously promote the application of high-tech such as intelligent parking system and automatic license plate recognition. The society also make contributions for the development of new management forms such as automatic parking query, electronic toll collection, parking space sharing and information sharing. The number of car ownership has increased rapidly, except for urban traffic problems such as congestion, traffic accidents, automobile exhaust. Parking difficulties have also become an urgent problem for the society, traffic management departments, road and parking operators. We can learn from Dimon Shared Parking Solution to integrate urban parking lots through parking network, alleviating and then solving the problem of urban parking difficulties. The interconnection of information enables the unified allocation of parking resources, enlarges the increment and effectively activates the existing parking resources, and improves the full development and effective utilization of parking resources.

System Composition:

  Shared parking spaces mainly include intelligent parking lock, communication equipment, parking scheduling and analysis system, etc.


Intelligent parking space:
Using automatic parking lock, 485 and 232 real-time transmission for dynamic reporting platform of acquisition equipment.

In view of the working environment and communication interface requirements of each brake lock, data communication is carried out by using the wireless data transmission terminal (DTU). The Seriallink SLK-M200 series DTUs have two 4-20mA analog input interfaces, three DIOs, one RS485 and one RS232 interfaces at the same time, which can meet this requirement. SLK-M200-D01 DTU connects with automatic parking lot lock through RS485/RS232 communication interface, and collects real-time data of each parking lot through 2G/3G network, which can report the dynamic parking lot to the platform or send instructions to the platform in real time.

Function of SLK-M200-D01 DTU:
This DTU supports transparent data transmission, embedded standard TCP/IP protocol.

  1. Stable transparent transmission, permanent online;
  2. Complete embedded PPP, TCP/IP protocol;
  3. RS232/485 protocols support;
  4. TCP client, UDP work mode support;
  5. DNS, APN settings, IP address settings of primary and secondary servers support;
  6. setting heartbeat package and ID.

System functional characteristics:
Practicability: The practicability and operability of the system are the primary considerations. According to the actual needs, the planning of the system is designed, and the existing resources are fully utilized to avoid duplication of construction.
Reliability: It is required to ensure the normal operation of the system under harsh conditions such as remote locations and in various emergency situations.
Advancement: On the basis of practicability and reliability, the technology starting point should be high. The current relatively advanced software, hardware and communication technology should be selected as far as possible. And advanced management methods should be adopted to ensure the efficient operation of the system.
Standardization: The interface between all kinds of information and systems should follow a unified standard so as to integrate an organic whole.
Openness: Build a system under a unified open standard, make it structured, modular and standardized, in order to facilitate adjustment and expansion.