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Bank ATM Wireless Communication Networking Scheme

With the intensified competition in China's financial field, major banks have turned to service-centered, providing various value-added services and various convenient means to meet customer needs. Among them, financial self-service has become one of the important channels of banking services. Major banks have increased the deployment of off-line ATM machines and set up off-line ATM machines. At the same time, banks and ATM operators are facing the problem of communication: how to connect ATM in a convenient and fast time? How to reduce communication costs? How to ensure communication security?
Therefore, wireless communication as a convenient and efficient way has been adopted by many industries, and industrial grade 3G/4G routers provide ATM networking solutions for many banks with safe, efficient and stable performance.

The communication networking scheme of bank ATM connects terminal ATM with router through Ethernet interface. Bank center system can use private network as network access mode, through which SLK-R4008 wireless router accesses Internet through GPRS/CDMA/WCDMA/EDGE network and establishes VPN connection with bank center system to make terminal ATM connection. The central system consists of the same network. The terminal ATM can communicate directly with the central system server of the bank. The business data generated by the terminal ATM can be transmitted directly to the central system of the central server through the router and the central server.


  1. The terminal equipment adopts wireless access mode, which makes the construction simple and fast, and reduces the construction cost.
  2. With wireless access, it has high mobility and is not restricted by region. It can be installed only where the wireless signal covers, and it is convenient to set up a network.
  3. Wireless technology makes the transmission power, the electromagnetic pollution to the environment, and the electromagnetic interference to other equipment very low. With a high terminal flexibility and wide coverage range, the wireless technology can meet the network requirements of many industries.