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Intelligent Communication Service Solution for Fresh Distribution Cabinet

The emergence of fresh e-commerce has made many merchants aware of its benefits, but the logistics distribution of fresh e-commerce has really blocked the road, which makes them worried. If you have a problem, you have to solve it. So the intelligent fresh distribution cabinet appears in our vision.
Intelligent Fresh Delivery Cabinet is an intelligent Cold-Food distribution cabinet specially designed for e-commerce fresh food (products used in vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.) distribution. Products set refrigeration, network distribution, intelligent network management in one. The Cabinet is closely integrated with e-commerce and logistics platform, achieving the function of fresh food network distribution and solving the problem of fresh-keeping after distribution.
Intelligent Fresh Distribution Cabinet is a device based on the Internet of Things, which can identify, temporarily store, monitor and manage fresh food. Intelligent Distribution Delivery Cabinet system is formed with the monitoring platform of the distribution cabinet. Distribution cabinet monitoring platform can manage all the delivery boxes of the system in a unified way (such as the information of delivery boxes, express mail, user information, etc.) and integrate the analysis and processing of each information.
Workflow: Customers pay by ordering online through terminals such as computer and mobile phones. E-commerce packages and labels food according to customers’ purchase list. E-commerce delivers food to community distribution stations through refrigerated trucks. Distribution salesmen scan order barcodes and put the food delivered into corresponding refrigeration boxes. Customers are notified with the password by text message and take away the food.

Intelligent fresh cabinet distribution system is mainly composed of three parts: intelligent fresh distribution cabinet, Seriallink industrial router and monitoring platform.
The monitoring platform includes Web server, data server and PC. It mainly communicates with many distribution cabinet subsystems, real-time monitoring the online situation of each distribution cabinet terminal, pushing instructions and information to the distribution cabinet terminal, processing requests and reports from the terminal, etc.
Intelligent Fresh Delivery Cabinet: It mainly includes industrial computer and wireless transmission equipment. Industrial computer mainly deals with short messages, key LEB advertising system and equipment operation status information. SLK-R4008 is an industrial grade communication product based on 3G/4G wireless network communication. It can provide customers with a safe, high-speed, stable and reliable protocols. It is easy to realize 3G/4G wireless network and remote management services of intelligent distribution cabinet terminals.

Intelligent distribution terminal is a device based on the Internet of Things, which can identify, temporarily store, monitor and manage fresh food. The shape is similar to a supermarket locker. After checking information, it can automatically send information to customers and inform them to receive it.

  1. Advanced System Integration
  2. IC card payment system adopts the most advanced key management system in the industry. The whole system is safe and reliable.
  3. Log in by card number/registered username/mailbox address/ID number+password+authentication code.
  4. The most advanced system integration scheme: through mobile phone number + verification code way to get the corresponding express.
  5. Safe and Stable Data Transmission

Through Seriallink equipment, each terminal is composed of intelligent networking terminals. Through the operator network, the operation of each terminal can be monitored in real time, the supply chain and electronic promotional advertisements can be adjusted at any time, the remote monitoring and management of equipment can be realized, and the maintenance cost of equipment can be reduced.

  1. Good Market Effect
  2. For any company, it is conducive to publicizing enterprises and establishing brand image.
  3. In order to improve the efficiency of fund management, the high-efficiency and low-cost charging mode should adopt electronic currency to settle accounts.
  4. It simplifies the manual operation process, improves the efficiency and accuracy, and reduces the operating costs of enterprises.