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Wireless Video Monitoring System for Logistics Vehicles

With the rapid development of e-commerce logistics in China, the healthy development of e-commerce logistics industry is of great significance to the development of e-commerce, the reduction of logistics costs and the improvement of circulation efficiency. Logistics vehicles are the main operating tools of logistics companies. Due to extensive management and lagging monitoring, the following problems need to be solved:

  1. Safety supervision is difficult to understand the condition of vehicles and drivers.
  2. Serious problems such as picking up goods by the driver on the way, etc.
  3. Product safety can not be effectively guaranteed and the products are easily burned.
  4. When backing up or turning around the trunk transport vehicles, safety accidents are prone to occur in the blind area of driving, resulting in casualties.

System solutions include front-end vehicle monitoring system, wireless transmission network and monitoring center system.
The vehicle monitoring system in front collects the information of camera, sensor, emergency alarm button, GPS positioning module, sensor and other equipment. This system uploads the wireless communication network of the monitoring center, deploys the integrated video monitoring management platform in the monitoring center system, and completes all kinds of data and information exchange, executes daily monitoring and transportation management, emergency command, etc.


  1. Monitor the running state of the vehicle and remind the overspeed situation in time to solve the influence caused by the abnormal vehicle.
  2. Real-time grasp the location information of vehicles, eliminate the harm caused by human factors such as direction error and vehicle embezzlement, and ensure the safety of goods.
  3. Real-time video surveillance to prevent intentional damage and theft. Timely and accurate vehicle location control to provide more accurate service for customers.