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On-line Monitoring System for Transmission Lines

With the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standards are also improving. Increased electricity consumption in life is also a sign. In order to better transmit electric energy in China, with the world's power supply technology reform itself, transmission lines are an important part of the national power grid. Because of the large span of transmission lines and hundreds of kilometers, the transmission lines are very vulnerable to various environmental impacts leading to power supply failure. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the operation status of transmission lines regularly. At present, manual patrol is generally used to meet this requirement. But the transmission lines have large span and complex distribution terrain. There are many kinds of line state parameters, many links which are not easy to be found manually. The state of transmission lines can not be grasped in time. Therefore, an automatic, accurate and real-time monitoring method is needed to realize all-weather on-line monitoring and management of transmission line status.

On-line monitoring of Shifang Communications transmission line is a real-time measurement, transmission and diagnosis system directly installed on transmission line equipment, which can record and characterize the operation status of equipment. It is an important means to realize the condition-based maintenance of transmission line and an effective method to improve the safety and reliability of transmission line operation.



  1. Real-time.

The on-line monitoring technology of transmission line is not limited by the operation condition and time of the equipment. It can detect the operation status of the equipment at any time. Once the equipment is defective, it can detect and track the detection and processing in time, which is more meaningful to ensure the security of the power grid.

  1. Authenticity.

Because on-line monitoring technology is used to detect the operating voltage and parameters of transmission line equipment, the test results are in line with the actual situation, more real and comprehensive.

  1. Greater Pertinence.

Maintenance items, contents and time can be determined according to the development and change of various data. Maintenance purposes are clear and targeted.

  1. The reliability of power supply is improved.

Due to the implementation of condition-based maintenance, the number and time of power outages are reduced, the reliability of power supply is improved, the loss of power supply is avoided, and the labor productivity of the whole power department is improved.