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Enterprise mission: provide high performance and cost-effective wireless communication products for the society.
Core philosophy: smart communication, leading interconnection
Create smart communication products with innovative spirit, strive to lead the industry, and use excellent products to achieve efficient interconnection in all areas of society.

Values: reliability, rigour, innovation, vision.

  • Product view: stable and reliable with standardized specification
  • Work view: rigorous and precise with focus on details
  • Team view: active and innovative for cooperation
  • Development view: find a foothold in China for a global vision

Business Philosophy: international quality, precise standard, and global service.
Product quality is designed to be in line with international standards, precise manufacturing to satisfy mainstream standards. We also provide professional, timely pre-sales and after-sales service for global customers, and build brand reputation with excellent products and services in order to achieve sustainable development.

Employent concept: value virtue more than technology; respect and tolerate for fair development
Shifang Communication regards morality as the most important personal quality, above which is the inspection of professional skills. We respect each employee's personality, aiming to build a circumstance of justice and fairness to help improve their personal development.

Enterprise Vision: build an exemplary brand with four values in the industry.

  • Employee value: realized employee’s career development
  • Customer value: achieve customer’s expections
  • Enterprise value: actualize healthy and sustainable development of enterprises
  • Social value: make contributions to the development of intelligent society and M2M, IoT and other fields