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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is approaching: 5G will be as important as water and air. Source: pconline

Guide: We find that history is always amazingly similar. Human beings are never content with the status quo. They are constantly pursuing the connection with the world and all things. The breakthrough and evolution of communication technology may be the best proof.
Compared with the 4G network, the upcoming 5G network can achieve at least 10 times faster than the 4G network, up to 100 times faster, and support at least 100 billion devices connected, download speed up to 10GB per second, a high-quality film can be downloaded in one second. In the 5G era, the fifth generation of communication technology will provide the possibility of interconnection. Many seemingly network-independent devices and carriers in the 4G era will interconnect to promote a more efficient and interconnected society, including automobiles, industrial Internet of Things, enterprise computing and so on. The 5G era, known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is approaching.

In the 5G era, what is the interconnected society like? ITU(International Telecommunication Union) divides 5G into three main application scenarios: enhanced mobile broadband eMBB, high-volume connection of IoT mMTC and uRLLC with low delay and high reliability.
1.Enhanced Mobile Broadband eMBB
Today's top sporting events occasionally see 5G experimental networks deployed with enhanced mobile broadband eMBB, ranging from on-site vehicles to panoramic broadcasts, and multi-camera cameras to capture athletes' movements. In the near future, they will be connected more intelligently through 5G network and applied to more events. Inside the venue, you can also experience through VR virtual reality. And the real intrusive VR experience must rely on the characteristics of high speed and low latency of 5G network.
2.Large-scale IoT
5G network will realize large-scale IoT. People and equipment, equipment and equipment will be more efficient through interconnection and interaction.For example, future farms will adopt the concept of precision irrigation to realize data, network and intelligent monitoring of each stage of crop growth and the current situation of the environment, and real-time feedback data to farmers. Through the calculation and analysis of data, thousands of plants can achieve individualized irrigation methods and obtain the optimal growth environment.
3.High Reliability and Low Delay Communication
The characteristics of 5G network, such as low delay and high reliability, will be reflected vividly in the field of communication connection, such as automatic driving and telemedicine. Taking the medical field as an example, the future 5G network will further guarantee the remote operation. Doctors can operate on remote manipulators in different places. 5G network will ensure the timely transmission and synchronization of operation instructions, and compete for seconds for patients. At the same time, it will make up for the uneven medical level in remote areas.
The Gate for 5G Communication Will Be Open in 2019
At the 4G/5G Summit held in Hong Kong in October 2018, Qualcomm again announced the latest developments in the 5G field, and demonstrated experience and innovative achievements in the joint industry with mainstream  manufacturers.

5G mobile phone, just around the corner
In October 2016, Qualcomm released the world's first 5G modem --- the Miaolong X50. In October 2017, the first 5G smartphone reference design was launched, and X50 5G Modem realized the first 5G data connection in the world.

At the 4G/5G Summit in 2018, Qualcomm launched a new millimeter-wave antenna module, 25% smaller than the first QM052 millimeter-wave antenna module released in July this year. Manufacturers can build their equipment and products more flexibly based on this, which can be matched with the Miloon X50 5G modem.
Just in September this year, Ericsson joined hands with Qualcomm to make the first OTA call under 6GHz at the 5G new empty port in line with the 3GPP specification by using mobile phone-sized terminals. In general, Qualcomm and Ericsson dialed the first 5G phone together. At the summit, Qualcomm President Christiano Amon demonstrated the future 5G smartphone prototype, and streamed video on the 5G mobile test terminal through OTA.

In the coming 5G era, mobile phones play one of the most important roles in mobile terminals. Many manufacturers have indicated that they will seize the opportunity. OPPO and vivo have also made speeches on 5G mobile phones, striving to become the first batch of 5G commercial mobile phone manufacturers. Shortly after the end of the 4G/5G Summit, Liu Zuohu, CEO of one plus, experienced 5G network in the laboratory environment and launched the world's first 5G Twitter. We have reason to believe that domestic mobile phones can take the lead in the 5G era.
More immersive and intelligent experience
We all expect mobile devices to achieve a more immersive virtual world experience. There is no doubt that virtual reality will break through and break out in the 5G era. High-speed 5G network provides support for VR/AR/XR experience upgrade, such as 360-degree HDR video, UHD VR content.

In the domestic mobile game market, Tencent, which has the advantage of congenital flow entry, occupies a pivotal position. Its King Glory and Stimulation Battlefield are well known. At the 4G/5G Summit, Tencent also indicated that it would bring more surprises to users in the 5G era. In the future, we don't need to download the game. The 5G high-speed network can start the game directly in the cloud seconds without occupying the memory space of the device. The problem of delay and offline will no longer exist. This time, you can be a good teammate. Speaking of the game experience, Qualcomm released a new Xiaolong 675 at the conference, integrating the fourth generation Kryo CPU, equipped with two 2.0GHz performance cores and six 1.7GHz efficiency cores, which will bring a smooth game experience and also support the excellent shooting experience.

5G Era, More Expansion and Innovation

In addition to our most concerned mobile phones, the arrival of 5G will also bring about changes in other aspects of our daily life. Such as the hot autopilot, the 5G network connection will greatly promote and guarantee the development of autopilot. Qualcomm's C-V2X technology can be compatible with 5G all over the world. In the future, real-time communication links can be realized between automobiles, vehicles and pedestrians, automobiles and road traffic facilities, which will make the traffic environment safer and provide guarantee for automatic safe driving. It is expected that C-V2X will be integrated into mass-produced vehicles in 2019, and Geely Automobile from China is one of the pioneers in this field. In addition to the field of automatic driving, advanced communication technology will also be widely used in artificial intelligence, smart home, smart city, industrial Internet of Things and other fields, which can foresee a steady stream of industry innovation and experience breakthroughs.


Water and air are the necessary conditions for human survival, so we can see that Mars nurtures the hope of life. After three industrial revolutions, along with the continuous technological breakthroughs and innovations in the field of communication, the way of connecting people with each other and the world has been evolving, and the earth is becoming more and more vigorous and full of vitality. In the near future, 5G network will trigger the "Fourth Industrial Revolution". Communication and connection will become as indispensable as water and air, promoting human civilization to the next level. In 2019, 5G commerce is at hand. We will be privileged to witness the changes of the next era. A world of interconnected things will open a new chapter of civilization.